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In a unique approach to professional networking we verify qualifications and add considerable value to interactions between  Professionals, Institutions and Companies.  Our revolutionary approach opens up enhanced opportunities for recruitment, research collaboration and career advancement like no other platform. We believe there should be more to social networking than what users are currently getting elsewhere. Indeed, Social Networking should be more than just socialising networks.  





   We do it this way because:

Institutions of Learning nurture Great Minds

Great Minds generate Unique Ideas and

Companies use Unique Ideas to Change the World



That's why Studysage brings the three players together


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Premium membership is unique and comes with several privileges including: unlimited access to jobs and events listings, customized alerts and more. Premium membership is Free. You become a premium member by: (1) Indicating a desire to become a premium member, and having your college/university alumni status or membership of your professional organisation confirmed. That's all.  

Other professional networks charge $$ for premium membership and anyone can claim to be qualified and become a premium member as soon as they complete an online form-usually in 4 minutes. Trouble is employers and others have an added burden of checking out the qualifications. 


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Updated: April 2012